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The Racist Coup in Bolivia

This Sunday, Latin American entered one of its saddest days in history.

After a dirty campaign and days of institutional destabilization, corporations, landlords and the army have just succeeded in ousting President Evo Morales and his Vice President García Linera.

It is a racist coup d’état, as evidenced by the successive attacks on the headquarters of indigenous organizations and the violence of the fascists against activists in favour of popular sovereignty.

Hours earlier, Evo Morales accepted the OAS “recommendation” (and I’m using the word loosely) and announced that the country would be holding general elections again, including with new officials at the Supreme Electoral Court, signalling his willingness to find a peaceful outcome to the political crisis.

However, this was not enough to reverse the coup of oligarchies. The elites, who at no time showed any respect whatsoever for the wishes of the various ethnicities residing in Bolivia, accelerated the march of the coup, with notorious pressure from the international in special American mainstream media on the government.

The riot of the police and the “suggestion of resignation” made on the national network by the head of the Armed Forces were decisive for the coup to be finally put in place. This rupture in Bolivia’s democratic order and popular claim occurs in a context of rapid political instability in Latin America.

We are currently witnessing massive popular rebellions against neoliberal far right governments such as Chile, Ecuador and Haiti. It is not a coincidence, that the Bolivian conservatives and far right have organized themselves (possibly with the help of other far right leaders like Bolsonaro) to disrupt the Movement for Socialism.


By Nathália Urban

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