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Why The left need Independent News Media

Scotland has been let down for far too long when it comes to an independent non bias news media. We have all been far too complacent & lazy for years now. From the contractors on the building sites, the plumbers & the sparks reading the tired old tabloids like the affectionally named ‘Daily Rectum’ (Daily Record), The Currant Bun (The Sun) & not forgetting the occasional titillation of The Daily Sport (out of boredom).

All rely on their newsfeed & approval from that once last bastion of salvation which was Fleet St EC4Y. Back in the 70s/80s people in Scotland bought a variety of newspapers for their updates on football, and the cursory glance at the political headlines about Thatcher and Cuts,Cuts,Cuts. Then onto Blair’s vision for New Labour, which was consumed by his participation in Iraq & people were not interested.

Recently we have seen the inception first-hand by May’s government, which left some newspapers scrambling to uncover truth from lies & lies from truth. More recently we have witnessed how easily the BBC has been manipulated by Boris Johnson right wing cabal, ably backed up by his accomplice Dominic Cummings in drip feeding what content should be covered and by who (usually Laura Kuenssberg). This means that she gets not only the government scoop, but she gets to present it on the BBC and report whatever slant she is instructed to portrait it in.

This is then rehashed and sent to Scotland under instruction that it will be reported in a fashion which ‘bigs up’ the union (usually by Sarah Smith) to show that levelling up agenda is working. This all takes place at 6pm (STV) and 6.30(BBC). Well now we have our own media in Broadcasting Scotland which has been covering the Indy movement since 2013-14 onwards, but not just naval gazing upon Indy, they actually cover international news as well.

They have a variety of guests MP/MSP’s, activists (like me) as well as academics & public health advisors like Linda Bauld to comment on the political events of the day. The very idea which is really unique that an activist such as me can be paired up with an MP or someone of that ilk and be able to offer their perspective from a grassroots point of view is, i think rather innovate. We don’t speak with a plum in the mouth we are not coached, nor do we rehearse. We simply comment on the political events of the day often on matters which affect our own communities or individual interests (such as mine which are trade union issues, socialist interests and humanitarian issues) as well as Palestine and other contentious atrocities that western media turns a blind eye to.

George Kerevan: Why it really is time for Scots to make a serious stand against the BBC | The National

THE BBC’s new director-general Tim Davie last week summarily cancelled the The Mash Report, a programme which satirises the week’s news. As The Mash Report has been running regularly since 2017, one must suppose it generated sufficient audience interest on BBC Two to warrant broadcasting it.However, Mr Davie’s motivation in dropping the show was not professional but political.


Donate to Broadcasting Scotland – Broadcasting Scotland

Donate to Broadcasting Scotland, a new IPTV channel aimed at providing a full range of programmes made in Scotland for Scottish audiences worldwide.

So my point in this rant is to advocate the thought of my comrade George Keravan on his recent offering to The National where he makes the case to abandon the reliance of the mainstream media which is pumped into our homes & we are forced to pay an extortion fee for the privilege. If you don’t watch, you shouldn’t pay.

That seems simple enough doesn’t it? Not so The British government can and will allow the BBC to chase you for that extortion fee, though you can by law apply to declare that you no longer watch TV. It’s a long, laborious exercise, but offers no real assurance that you won’t get a chap on the door at some point in time to which they say it’s a £1,000 fine if you are watching, to which I normally reply with, well it’ll cost you an entrance fee of a £1,000 for you to confirm if I do. that gets them on the backfoot.

But back to my point and it is this ”How many times have you come across a fellow activist saying that he is fed up of the BBC & STV news reporting? This rips my knitting as I usually reply with ”Why watch it then?

Why don’t you watch Broadcasting Scotland instead? For all the activists in Scotland who could support them (£5 a month is all they ask) they could with say 10,000 direct debits invest in people and create real jobs, real jobs that will pay the real living wage and amass the untapped talent out there to build a new media platform, one which is befitting of an independent republic of Scotland participating on the international stage in partnership with the European union, not a despotic, controlling one which manipulates the media for their own gains.

by Chris McCusker
by Chris McCusker Former VC, Political Commentator for Broadcasting Scotland


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  1. As a regular presenter for Broadcasting Scotland, and like all the staff on the station, an UNPAID staff member, I wonder why it is that we Scots prefer to moan about British news media propaganda, instead of supporting an alternative, when it’s offered to us every day without adverts. The answer to media bias is right there on you tube every single evening at seven

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