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Worldbeat: George interviews new Scot, Kat Cary. Part 2

European politics constituted a small blip on the radar for Americans in the late 20th century. National elections and popular referendums got five minutes of fame stateside before vanishing into Wikipedia lists. The 2016 Brexit vote forced Americans beyond the political class to recognize that events across the pond can cause worldwide blowback, and a new consciousness of the happenings around the world emerged in the years since the United Kingdom’s historic decision. But six years isn’t much time to become acquainted with another country’s political nuances, especially when so much analysis of political maneuvers abroad are framed through an American lens in corporate media. Today we gain an inside look at U.K. politics from someone who’s lived and acted in both the American and British scenes. National secretary for SNP Socialists and the women’s officer for the Aberdeen Independence Movement Kat Carey joins WorldBeat to discuss her time growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, her experiences in the armed forces, and the factors leading to her family’s relocation across the Atlantic. She holds an MSc in International and European Politics from the University of Edinburgh and co-hosts the Talking Sense podcast. 


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