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Starmer’s “Progressive” Labour?

Do these Starmerite ‘progressives’ believe in democracy? If so, why are you opposing democracy in Scotland? Why are you endorsing your Leader’s will to collude with the Tories in curtailing Scottish self-determination? Why is it that Labour can’t get it right? It’s either some Stalinist psychopath dressed like a sexually repressed geography teacher or a snivelling gutless weasel who attempts, so stupidly and insidiously, to imitate all the Tories’ worst policies?

If you don’t care about democracy in Scotland, what about what your Leader said about immigrants? That isn’t even cowardly fence-sitting, that was Starmer picking a side – the same side as the Tories. The Leader of what is supposed to be England’s main progressive ‘democratic socialist’ party said the NHS was recruiting ‘too many’ immigrants. That’s Nigel Farage rhetoric. That’s BNP rhetoric. Why are his followers, especially his weird internet and Labourite media manfans, just willing to let all this pass? Why don’t you try to break away from your Labourite sectism and cultism and try supporting your own ideals?

I’ve always said that Labour is one big cult that contains many little cults.

Try supporting progress in the face of the worst British governmental, nay state, regression in my lifetime? He’s the leader of the Labour Party and he can’t even muster support for workers striking for slightly better pay during the worst cost of living crisis since WWII. You hardly have to be part of the ‘loony left’ to call Starmer out for this stuff. It’s the bread and butter of centre-left progressive politics. It’s basic social democracy. Labour are not even that.

You’re no better than the Corbynites and the way in which they behaved when Corbyn’s antisemitism and his pro-Putin, pro-Iran, pro-Assad, pro-genocide views reared their ugly head.

Alternatively, say you agree with Starmer on Scottish democracy and immigrants and stop calling yourself progressive.


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