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Our GRA is none of Westminster’s Business

Doesn’t matter what your opinion on the legislation is, but the British government are once again openly subverting Scottish democracy.  It’s entirely linked to them stripping us of our self-determination, as they are doing with judicial backing.

This is tyranny, make no mistake. It isn’t, thank god, the type that involves violent repression, but now they are attacking our legislature.  We can’t have self-determination in case it goes against what the British government desire and we can’t now make laws that the British government don’t like.

A lot of indolent Scots, who benefit hugely from SNP policies, might think that none of this matters to them – wait until the Brits decide that the Scottish legislation that benefits you and your family can no longer be tolerated.   Wait until they decide the ideological imbalance between the Scottish NHS, which far outperforms its English counterpart (not due to Scottish supremacy, but due to ideological supremacy, namely social democracy vs austerian Toryism) and the English NHS simply won’t do.

The Tories openly revealed it: they’ve never stopped their initial opposition to devolution and they think devolution is a disaster, as the SNP are in another ideological galaxy.  And up will pop the Labourite monkey, ever hanging on the coattails of the Tory organ grinder, saying how the SNP have destroyed Scotland and it’s a horrific hellscape of this, that and the next thing.  All this propaganda does is pave the way for the destruction of Scottish democracy.

This is a clash of ideologies.  English ears, so-called progressive English ears, ought to prick up – the British government’s politics of deep-seeded right-wing populist regression vs the SNP’s progressive social democracy.  If you claim to be progressive and can’t recognise this, you’re on the wrong side, I tell you.  Even decent conservatives and Conservatives used to respect democracy.


By Sam Hamad

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