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Chuck Hamilton

Chuck Hamilton was born 27 June 1963 in a building literally a hundred yards from his current flat, which is also directly across the street from the university where he got his bachelor’s in political science in 1985. While at UTC Chuck helped establish a social activist organization on campus that later put on one […]

Neil Scott Ungagged Team

Neil Scott

Neil has been politically active all his adult life, and identified as “Socialist” after stealing a book on Marx from his (UK) state school library when he was 14. Hailing originally and loudly from County Down, he moved to Scotland in 1993 as a mature student after ten years of unsuccessfully working, mostly in pubs, […]

Neil Scott Ungagged Podcasts

#Yes2, the International Butterflies and the Screams of the Traditional Media!

Yes2, the Internationalist Butterflies and the Screams of the Traditional Media! In this episode we have Neil Scott talking about the internationalist outlook of a new Independent Scotland,  Ruth Hopkins on the plight of the Native American Water protectors in North Dakota and Amber Daniels on the Screams of the Traditional Media and Chuck Hamilton […]

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Two Furra Pound

Our new podcast! Two Furra Pound Over caffeinated conversation on IndependenceLive.net HERE (mentioned by @nwsocialist and Chuck Hamilton on thepodcast) Music by: Hand of Dog The Blackheart Orchestra The Unholy A-Men The Tuts Joe Solo Steve White and the Protest Family The Wakes The Hurriers The Cundeez