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As Close to Federalism As The Moon

If the federalism shills couldn’t see this coming, they really weren’t looking. This move essentially leaves Labour without even the pretence of argument for the reformable UK that we’ve been promised since 2014. We’re as close to federalism as we are to the moon, and thus concludes the centre ground arguments against independence. 

Take time to pause and consider not only the calibre of the newly unelected PM, but how the hell in the history of humanity we have settled for this aberration of a leader. Discard merit. Even by the standards of the rich and powerful, Truss is a knuckle-dragger, but she’ll do the job nicely for now. Yes, that’s how desperate the minority are to hang onto and increase their power, wealth and status. Be warned, this is no shoe-in for independence.

The days of Now is Not the Time disappeared with the wall-to-wall Tory coverage of their vile leadership campaign. It’s gloves off. They hate us for sure, but they won’t let us go without a struggle. We have too much to offer in terms of resources, and it won’t be long before the ‘levelling up’ goes the way of the love bombing (remember that?)

With a month to go before the Supreme Court makes its judgement on the legality of our referendum plan A, we can only wait and see whether the latest gerrymandering proposal will come to pass. Truss’s new Referendum Act would secure a No vote. The deceased still on the electoral register, the apolitical non-voters and the unionist boycotters would ensure that. This is a complete send-up of course, and the irony of the Brexit referendum outcome is not lost here. It simply can’t be attempted, but at least we know where we stand with them. Johnson’s projectile vomit of a resignation speech underwrote this; ‘never, ever’ will they allow the union to be broken up.

If the federalism shills couldn’t see this coming, they really weren’t looking. This move essentially leaves Labour without even the pretence of argument for the reformable UK that we’ve been promised since 2014. We’re as close to federalism as we are to the moon, and thus concludes the middle ground arguments against independence.

If we need any further reminder that the 2013/4 independence campaign is another planet, tune into the visceral hatred that underpins the now familiar fearmongering from the No side. The onslaught is strong and unrelenting. It is currently directed at Scotland’s institutions; our parliament, our largest party and our First Minister. Whether by laziness or design, media are complicit. Since the leadership campaign got underway, the boundaries between Reserved and Devolved powers have been allowed to merge, with daily demands and slurs by emboldened Tory voices suggesting, unopposed that we have the powers to fix everything from strikes to the cost-of-living crisis including reserved energy issues.

As ever, disinformation and abuse work particularly well through social media channels, and not confined to run of the mill abusers, nor even ‘blue tick’ thugs in suits, such as the Scottish Tories. There has been a tsunami of FM and SNP hatred from a range of independence supporting contributors, from Alba Party voters to wearied commentators of the left, who see the urgent need for independence, but have little to offer except disillusionment and criticism. The imported culture wars only fan the flames.

However, what happens on social media does not stay on social media. Despite positive contributions by our devolved government, such as rent freeze and increased child payments amongst other measures just announced, our main vehicle towards independence will continue to be targeted and scapegoated. The media/opposition have not been slow to champion the landlords, crushing those with the weakest voice who will benefit most. If we are to stem this populist flow of hatred, and re-focus on a viable independence campaign, we, the Yes supporting people have to re-claim the movement and divert much of its energy from the SNP.

The current energy and cost-of-living crisis is the Poll Tax of this era, and we need to act accordingly. Forget flag-shagging AOUB Indy marches for now and support serious cross-party and none campaigns and protests, whether the focus is cost-of-living, immigration, nuclear weapons or climate emergency. Only by a show-not-tell approach can we convince fence sitters (anyone else is a waste of our energy) of the powers required to make a real difference.

We need to support the strikers. If there’s any time to fight for an increase in wages and living standards, it’s right now. We know that the disputes have been heavily politicised against the Scottish Government, but we have to call that out then suck it up and keep going. Truss will make Thatcher look like Mary Poppins. Our argument must be for full powers via independence, and for the Scottish Government to use what powers it has, not for the workers to shut up and put up.

If the elevation of Truss as PM shows what can happen if we settle for the lowest common denominator, think what can happen if we aim high. Scotland and its ongoing support for re-joining the EU can be an example to our neighbours as an outward looking country, while England continues to self-isolate, except when Johnson and Truss wish to discuss war. Speaking of which, Truss is a loose cannon there. She will have her Falklands if possible. Well worth a-watchin’ that yin!

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