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Lula is free

After 580 days, the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the biggest leader of the Brazilian left, was released from the prison this afternoon at the PF (Federal Police) Superintendence in Curitiba after a decision expedited by the Federal Court.
Lula benefited from the ruling of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court) that, in a trial finalized yesterday, prohibited arrest after conviction in the second instance, (his situation). The former president’s defense had petitioned for release late this morning.

After his departure Lula gave a passionate speech to all those who supported him during his arrest and said that He’s leaving the prison more inclined to the left than before, and wants to start a popular campaign by working with political groups and union. In a speech to a crowd present at the camp set up 580 days ago in front of the Federal Police of Curitiba Lula praised the popular mobilization that fought for his freedom and supported him during the arrest. Lula also criticized the Carwash operation and Bolsonaro government and said the 2018 elections were fraudulent.

Like his arrest, his release is being accompanied by all the leftist movements in the world, especially in Latin America, specially because during his presidency Lula was one of the main leaders of the so-called Pink Tide, as well as one of the founders of the Foro de São (organization that brings together political parties and leftist organizations, created in 1990, from an international seminar promoted by the Workers Party that invited other Latin American and Caribbean parties and organizations to promote alternatives to neoliberal policies ).
During his interviews in prison, Lula returned to his roots, calling for a strengthening of the working class, friendship among the Latin people and especially criticizing Bolsonaro’s subservience to the United States.

A clear demonstration of his return to union roots is that tomorrow, Lula will be at the headquarters of the metalworkers union of São Bernardo do Campo (where he began his political career), Lula also said that he will make a speech to the Brazilian people there but added some criticism. “I want you to know that in addition to continuing to fight to improve the lives of the Brazilian people I want to say what the lying side of the Federal Police, the prosecutor, Judge Moro (now Bolsonaro’s minister of Justice) and TRF-4 have to know: they didn’t arrest a man, they tried to kill an idea, but an idea can’t be killed. If there is a gang and a lot of mobsters in this country, this shenanigans they’ve tried, led by Rede Globo (Brazil’s biggest tv network), that Workers Party and Lula were criminals, ”he criticized.

His freedom already brought great things, like the silence of Bolsonaro, who knows he will never have a tenth of the former president’s charisma and ability, but for those who fear it may cause violent conflict, do not worry about it, Lula said: “I leave the prison without hate. I’m 74 years old, and my heart has only room for love.”

By Nathália Urban


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