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Gerry Hassan interview with Neil Anderson

Our own @BikerNeil interviews writer, political commentator & academic Gerry Hassan @GerryHassan GerryHassan.com The tussle between SNP & Labour for Westminster seats in Scotland and the consequences if SNP lose their current “3rd Party” status. The increased MSM coverage of the general election in Scotland compared to previous elections. How have The Reform Party in […]

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Richie Venton Ungagged Ep4: Things WILL get better if we fight for socialism NOW!

Richie Venton, The Scottish Socialist Party Trades Union Organiser on how to fill the vacuum of a Starmer General Election win with substance – campaign for real socialist policies NOW. Music: The Kara Sea Photos: Craig Maclean

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Election Balls…

by Willie Millars Moustache… It is quite a feat for the tories to take everyone by surprise, including themselves but they managed it. I assumed the thieving bastards would hang on to January to squeeze the very last penny out of the public purse and plant as many landmines and bear traps as possible. But […]

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Holyrude Ungagged Season 7 Episode 3 “Where Does Contra Come From?”

David and Connor discuss; – New Scottish Cabinet – Is Uk Labour undermining Scottish Labour? – Nefarious Tory plans for Scotland – English Water Contaminated by parasites! Music: James King and the Lone Wolves.

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Janis and Graham Ungagged! Ep 3 “Extremists…”

On – Richie Sunak’s “Extremist” comments regarding the Scottish Electorate, – the imminence of new Scottish nuke power stations -according to Alister Jack – under an imagined ”return of a unionist regime,” and what this statement says about British politics… – Why Andy Burnham WANTS what we have. – The gradualism of Swinney – and […]