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Stand Aside, Brother

“All men are trash”
She tweets, in her rage
As yet more news shows
Life for women’s a cage.

“Not all men,” you object,
Because you’re a nice guy
And anyway 99%
of rape accusations are lies.

“We don’t hate women!
Don’t we have mothers?”
They yell at the victims,
Instead of checking their brothers.

I don’t need you telling me
I shouldn’t be mad
Double thinking that “equality’s
good but feminism is bad”

We don’t want special treatment
We just want to be free.
Rage at men giving you a bad name
Instead of lecturing me

Your reputation is tarnished
Not by me, but your brother,
Call out his behaviour,
Treat us as you do each other.

All men are not trash,
This much we see;
A dog has four legs,
Although some dogs have three.

I don’t need a leg up,
Don’t want more than I’m due,
Just stand aside, brother,
Let a sister get through.


This poem was written for the Step Aside, Brother Podcast


By Victoria Pearson


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