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Step Aside, Brother

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This unintentionally woman-heavy episode of Ungagged, introduced by Neil Anderson,  is themed around “Step Aside Brother,” but of course we are Ungagged, so not all of us have kept to the theme.

Thomas Morris will be talking about how sometimes brothers don’t step aside once they’ve got what they want, Chuck Hamilton will discuss bi-erasure, neoliberalism, and the importance of slaying your gods, and Damanvir Kaur will give us an update Jagtar Singh Johal, the Scot imprisoned in an Indian jail.

Debra Torrance will be joining us twice – once to deliver a piece on behalf of the showmen at Feltham, who feel silenced by their councillor as their home is threatened, and then again with a piece of her own, asking how many people are reached and persuaded by shouty men yelling slogans into a microphone.

Em Dehaney will be talking about gendered language, and how it subtly shapes our perceptions of feminism, Julie will be along to talk about representation for women and young people within the Yes Movement, and Ruth Hopkins will be talking about Kavanaugh.

Laura Lundahl will be talking about why developed countries need to step aside in developing ones, Catriona Stevenson will be talking about land reform, Victoria Pearson will be sharing a poem called Stand Aside Brother, that she wrote for this episode, and our Raiph will be wondering if Wee Vinny is a spy…

With music from The Franklys, Alexander Martin, Argonaut, The Babel Fish Project, Jackal Trades, LUV DOT GOV, Precious McKenzie, Sharon Martin, Steve McAuliffe & The Mighty Ur, The Empty Page, The Menstural Cramps and David Rovics.


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2 thoughts on “Step Aside, Brother

  1. Fantastic work you guys are doing. Now I can’t remember if I told you about my new micro-podcast, but it would work perfectly in Left Ungagged’s format, along with the content… davidrovics.com/thisweek is where it can be found, available on various platforms or whatever form you prefer (just ask). Thanks for playing my music!

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