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Dancing Queen


Theresa May danced on stage at the Tory conference, clearly relishing the opportunity to make a bit of a joke out of her recent Africa dance exhibition. If everyone else at the conservative conference is auditioning for the prime minister’s job, is she auditioning for the BBC’s Strictly?

It’s nice to know that our female PM can be so gallus when there is so much work to do. Brexit is looming and we are no closer to an actual deal, the options laid out by the ministers in charge have been confusing and even contradictory. How can we “take back control of our borders” and “not have a hard Irish border”? 

This is the trouble with trying to satisfy dedicated brexit supporters and demands for less immigration but having to deal with actual reality. Immigration is so vital to our economy that recently stories of workers departing back to home nations have left various industries across the board short staffed.  


It’s also contradictory to say the government “respects all British citizens” while still deporting some of the Windrush generation and denying European migrants (spouses and parents of British born citizens) right to stay when they have lived, worked and made their home here for decades.


I’m pleased that a female politician has risen to such career heights that she can swagger on stage at her party conference whilst knowing she’s implemented policies that have literally killed people*. 

*(link cw: suicide)

Also it’s nice to know she can walk in such a flamboyant fashion whilst some of her policy changes mean some people who can’t walk so well have had their motability vehicles taken away from them.


Recently I have been rewatching The Thick of It. I’m trying so hard to not write with Malcolm Tucker’s vernacular coming out. The Conservative party are so full of it, they praise the NHS whilst privatisation is happening in England as they speak. 

Duplicity is a political tactic, to appeal only to some and have “the right sort”, those earning enough and help only those who they deem deserving.


by Debra Torrance

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