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Barricades on the Bridge of Hope

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On this episode of Ungagged, introduced by Victoria Pearson, and edited by Neil Anderson, the collective are inspired by the theme “Barricades on the Bridge of Hope” and as usual, have interpreted that from a variety of left perspectives.

Red Raiph will be talking about Checkpoint Charlie, Paul Sheridan will be discussing both World Mental Health Day and the Brexit border situation, and Thomas Morris will be joining us from his travels to talk about water and plastic.

Debra Torrance will be telling us about her trip to the SNP conference and accessibility, and  Cllr Graham Campbell will be in conversation with Neil Anderson also about the SNP conference, specifically Graham’s fringe meeting on ‘Brexit, A Better Way, as well as Glasgow University reparative justice and their involvement in slavery related businesses.

Catriona Stevenson  will be talking about the Gaellic language, Laura Lundahl will be warning us not to lose momentum, and reminding us progress can be a barricade to progress, and of course we will hear from Chuck Hamilton, pondering a question of identity.

On this episode we’ll also share David Rovics podcast- This week with David Rovics, where he talks Palestinian protests and police numbers in Seattle in the 80s, and treats us to two original songs, and for you fiction lovers we will be featuring part one of  “a murderous story of ordinary irradiated folk and peace in a Scottish village in an alternative reality” – Tales of the Gareloch by Acting Strange Theatre Company…

With music from Alexander Martin, David Rovics, Sharon Martin, Jemma Freeman, Ms Mohammed, Petrol Girls, The Cundeez, The Hurriers, The Wakes, Mullen, The Empty Page, and The Babel Fish Project.

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