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“Me and You, You and Me…

…lots and lots for you to do… Lots and lots for you to see… lots and lots for you to hear… You and Me , Me and You… Doo Doo, Doo Doo, Doo Doo, DOO DOOOOO” Oh the subliminal message of decency in the seventies…

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Anyway on this third instalment, for the theme based around the Karl Liebknecht quote “The basic law of capitalism is you or I, not both you and I”, (check out part one and two here and here– but there is no pressing need to, they can be listened to out of sync!) we have  – Laura Lundahl, with a hodge-podge of thoughts surrounding the British and American health care systems.  Faud Alakbarov on Sex selective abortions in the South Caucasus and around the world.  Emma from Scottish CND with Update on what is currently happening in our fight against nuclear weapons.  Joe Solo  on’Class Unity: Now or Never.’  David Rovics tells us about his Own Industrial Collapse .

And we’ve got you some tunes to bop along to…


Dream Nails with their third tune of the week, “Chirps Degree Burns;” the great Joe Solo with “Solidarity;” the infamous Robb Johnson with his amazing, poignant song, “In the Memory & the name of Grenfell Tower;” the incredible, She Makes War and “Devastate Me;” and the essential The Menstrual Cramps with “Boyz Will Be Boyz.”


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