Black Lives Matter Equality & Inclusion Poetry Racism



White is pure, black is not

Lessons from the west, taught subtly

From colours binary, but why

White should be the good guy, who knows.

Sure winters’ frosty sky brings snow

Then carpets of Spring snowdrops grow.

Virgin white bride’s veil flows

Though most of her guests know – she’s not!

Peace doves may coo, but shit

On lilies, their purity stained

Defiled, perhaps blackened?

Black borders for those mourned in prayer,

Black ties and clothes they wear.

Respect the dead? But where’s respect

For human skins’ gamut

From off-white to perfect ink black?

Selling creams to bleach dark

Skin to paleness is sickening,

A snake oil creation.

Night sky’s backdrop, molten blackness

Throws stars sparkling clusters

On earth, their light whispers, gives us

A plethora of noirs,

Mystic, nuanced, we are sleepy

Velvet soft, slub silky,

Beds beckon dreamily, nature’s balm

For pain and angst, to calm grief, anger.

Tucked in the warm to snooze.

Each colour skin looks beautiful

Each soul is meaningful, easy bruised.

Love colour’s broader hues and thwart

Racist views.  Black lives do matter!

Mairi Jack

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