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Brown Nose the Lords

By Sam Hamad

You see, here’s what’s happened. The SNP have been exceptionally good in government, within the confines of devolution. In fact, they’ve literally stretched devolution to its limits. Hence the ‘dilemma’ facing the British state – a large proportion of Scots want to push beyond those limits and see what can be achieved with us having full control over a state completely independent of British rule, but the British state, for a whole bunch of fiscal, political and metapolitical reasons, simply can’t let Scotland go. Why are they so resistant of an independence referendum now, as opposed to in 2014? Well, it’s because they think they’d lose. If they thought they’d win, they would, like Cameron in 2014, jump at the chance to hold one.

The best idea, as revealed by several Tory leaks, would be to simply get rid of the Scottish parliament. But they wouldn’t be so bold as to do that. That would expose their tyranny in a way that can’t be diluted by legalism and technicalities. So, Gordon Brown has been working away on this and he’s come up with the solution. If we can’t beat the SNP, we’ll simply avoid them. We’ll recentralise power in London. Where power must be. Though Labour can’t say it like the Tories did, devolution, from the perspective of the British state, HAS been a disaster. The Tories are at least consistent on this, given they opposed devolution from the beginning. But Labour, one must never forget, are a ‘patriotic’ party – they have been, since their creation, a party of British cohesion. They are a British nationalist party and they will act to preserve the British state.

So enter Brown. Or, as it has become known among nationalists in Scotland, it’s a Code Brown. This is called ‘recentralisation’, and it has been deployed by hegemonic states, including the British Empire in its heyday, against ‘separatism’ many, many times. It’s really about dressing up tyranny, and I don’t use that word lightly or interchangeably with violent tyranny, in nice fruity clothes and flowery language.

So, denying Scots the right to self-determination and subverting our democracy (which is tyranny), now becomes a case of creating, in London, a chamber for ‘The Nations and Regions’ (also, what they really mean by this is that to them, the nations and regions as the same thing). If people bring up the question of self-determination, this is what Labour will use to circumvent it. It’s actually more insidious than the Tories. The Tories are quite upfront about their tyranny – Labour dress theirs up in the clothes of progress. And, in a way, for England, it is actually progress (compared to the House of Lords). But for Scots, and for the Irish and the Welsh, it is the opposite of progress. It is simply just another way to annul our democracies and our self-determination.

It is the recentralisation of power, away from Scotland, the North of Ireland and Wales, and back to London.

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