One thought on “Richie Venton Ungagged! Episode 1

  1. Yes, Richie is one of the few left nationalists in Scotland who puts socialism at the heart of his contributions towards a Republican Socialist Scotland. Also, the SNP will not change – they have pinned their bourgeois nationalist flag to the mast of capitalist. Look at the probable leadership contenders following Humza’s resignation – no chance of a progressive turn by the SNP among this lot! The collapse of the SNP was inevitable because of its class nature and lack of intelligent and humble leaders that would put the Scottish people first instead of themselves. It remains a party of gesture politics that has no substance and has not taken Scotland to a place where it should be. The SSP, must immediately return to their Marxist roots of Scottish Militant and drop any lingering hope that the SNP will somehow change, they have had enough time to prove that they will not!

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