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The Privilege Course

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean On this privilege themed Ungagged, introduced by Neil Anderson, we will be hearing from Steve McAuliffe, who will be talking about islamophobia, George Collins will be talking with ethnomusicologist and African religious scholar Javoen Byrd about Christian privilege in the United States and the suppression of African spiritual practices in times of […]

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The Twisted Melons

  A vastly experienced live act with over 500 shows under their belts, The Twisted Melons (Paul Johnson – Lead Guitar and Vocals, Stephen Johnson – Bass and Backing Vocals, Mark Johnson – Drums and Backing Vocals) are one of the west of Scotland’s best kept secrets, playing live relentlessly in small venues throughout the […]


The Silence of the Unicorns…

All Under One Banner – Independence Rally and March – 5th May 2018   By Catriona Stevenson Nearly 4 years after the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, “All Under One Banner” organised an event on the 5th of May with the hopes of sending Westminster a message that we will not be silenced anymore and the support […]

Ungagged Team

Erin Slaven

Erin is a 21 year old politics student from Glasgow. Erin has been engaged in feminist politics for a number of years through participation with Rape Crisis’ young activists group “STAMP” which aims to tackle gender stereotypes. She volunteers as a support worker for survivors of sexual abuse, and was shortlisted for a Write to […]

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Mhairi Hunter Writing

News, Articles and Opinion The MSM, The SNP, and the Yes movement Baby boxes Dealing With Twitter Trolls Women’s Representation in the Independence Movement Why People Need to Stop Claiming Indyref Was Rigged Two Child Cap To be or Not to be Friends with a Tory Rollercoaster of UK politics Brexit Debacle: Independence Referendum Soon […]

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Left Life Hacks – For A Better Us!

Available FREE on iTunes and Podbean   This episode, introduced by Victoria Pearson, the Ungagged Collective are (mostly) talking Left Life Hacks. We’ll be hearing from Chuck Hamilton, with a follow up to his last piece, talking about the Egyptian Revolution, and why the poor are blamed for their poverty,  George Collins will be talking about Direct democracy […]