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Migrants. A Political Distraction

Recent events at Westminster of the ‘Proroging of Parliament’ for his own convenience, by Bojo The Clever, as instructed by the puppet master general, has quite rightly left us all scratching our heads and wondering how the feck we will get out of this mess. Or more to the point; will Scotland ever be free from this ruling elite, that has blighted our lives for centuries?

This will inevitably take time to sort out. Clearly they are determined to do anything and everything to kill off any aspiration or deal that could replicate what we have at present. Now to be clear, that was the promise at the start of this whole pantomime; ”All the benefits which we currently enjoy plus more” was one of the lies we were sold. That is key.

This whole sordid affair was sold purely on lies and deceit. However, to be a good liar, you have to have a good memory in order to remember the lie which you told before. That would give some truth to the lie which you are telling now, so that you can further back that lie up with the original. If you can’t, the first one will almost certainly trip you up, and will be your ultimate downfall.

This will then set off a chain reaction which calls into question every subsequent lie you told to re-enforce some truth into the original lie you told in the first instance. You know that you only told that one because you were under pressure to reply to an innocent, legitimate question which some journalist was asking in order to make a living.

Now, as I have attempted to explain how a lie evolves in the first place, it leads me to my assertion that the current ‘Migrant issue,’ which has really not been reported for over 3 years now, has conveniently reared its ugly head at a time where they (The despotic regime) need a distraction.

After 5 or 6 years, the migrants in France, who are there because the liars blew their country to hell, are still there. They fled their country of origin because one nasty tyrant was dictating how they should live, eat, work, pray and pay taxes. They now find themselves wishing to move to the land of milk and honey. A bold new world of openness, fairness and transparency. A land, free from religious intolerance and persecution (these are all lies by the way). This is reported by the right wing media as a threat in the sea, as they wish to join an even more tyrannous Government from the supposed one which they fled from in the first place.

However, we know that it was this Government who dropped the bombs, shot the men and kids, and created the food crisis. We know that they may come here to hear the same lies they were told back home, that they were told in order to prevent them from travelling to in the first place.

See what happens when you lie? So my main issue with this story is as a humanitarian aid worker myself, who has done many an aid mission to France and Belgium, having frank and honest discussions with actual real migrants. I have come to the conclusion that they are not as dumb as our odious, lying despot would like you to believe.

Those migrants I spoke to know how right wing, racist and xenophobic the UK has become. Most do not want to come here. They would rather go to Canada or Germany, where they get treated with an ounce more respect and decency than they do in France or Italy.

We now have it reported, in the run up to an election, that they are trying to reach our shores in search of a better life. This, to me, is lies on the grandest of scales. I would not put it passed Bojo to be scheming in the recruitment of said migrants.

In this way, they could come here in the pretence of safe passage, in order to create this headline which the right wing media will use to report in the news in order to take your mind away from the current crisis which surrounds our political climate. This political climate is built purely on Lies, Lies and Damn Lies. Beware of how the establishment work to convince you of truth. They do it with lies.

By Chris McCusker

Chris McCusker is a humanitarian aid worker with Eastwood Refugee Aid and is also membership secretary of SNP Trade Union Group and Vice Convener of SNP Socialists.

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