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The Candidate

by Prick Knobinson Scandals nowadays are boring. I mean, in the good old days, Labour Party scandals were all about receiving brown envelopes. Tories were also using brown envelopes, but pushing them in the other direction in order to cover up some perversion with a Soviet spy or some Lord Fondleboy in a punt. I’ve […]

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Janis and Graham Ungagged! Episode 6: Nothing Ever happens… again!

The SNP Socialists Co-Convenors, Janis Wilson and Graham Campbell discuss the election campaign, from Sunak’s “lie”, through the Leadership debates, to the SNP kicking off their campaign. Music: Roy Möller Scottish left, pro-Indy, pro-LGBTIQA Podcasts. Writing. Campaigns. Please join us- help us create a new, fair media- The price of (or less!) a cup of […]

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Richie Venton Ungagged! Episode 5

Richie Venton the SSP Trades Union Organiser, on the vacuum in British politics created by a Labour party being pulled rightwards by the economic disaster left by 14 years of toryism, and the distraction of the populist far right. Music: The Kara Sea Where to find Left Ungagged… Twitter (X) https://x.com/_Ungagged?t=vXAjjZz7RQ8KtDX4o4ZXXw&s=09 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/leftungagged?igsh=MndxNWpweXExbmUy YouTube https://youtube.com/@fullyungagged902?si=9UN8VF6aNMFMyK4I […]

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Tears, Fears and Electioneers…

by Damien Donnelly While I’m well used to elections being preceded by a period of desperate on-the-hoof policy, from all sides, this coming UK general election seems especially to have thrown into stark relief how low we have sunk as a country. Where that’s most evident is, as always, in how minorities are being treated. […]

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Richie Venton Ungagged Ep4: Things WILL get better if we fight for socialism NOW!

Richie Venton, The Scottish Socialist Party Trades Union Organiser on how to fill the vacuum of a Starmer General Election win with substance – campaign for real socialist policies NOW. Music: The Kara Sea Photos: Craig Maclean

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Good Riddance

Neil Scott on Theresa May’s last speech in the Commons. I’ve just watched as Theresa May made her last speech in Westminster (and Harriet Harman… and what a contrast… i’d urge you to find them on YouTube).   May’s narrative in her speech was one of hard work and of ambition- with barbed comments against those […]

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“We’ve got to the end of the road with the cuts” Glasgow SGP Cllr Dan Hutchison – Interview with Neil Anderson

“if we can reverse it, we’ll reverse it immediately but someone who can raise money needs to cough up some cash. UK or Scottish govt, I frankly don’t care but it needs to be one of them”. Dan Hutchinson talking about the cuts to the Education budget in Glasgow.  Neil talked to Glasgow City […]

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Election Balls…

by Willie Millars Moustache… It is quite a feat for the tories to take everyone by surprise, including themselves but they managed it. I assumed the thieving bastards would hang on to January to squeeze the very last penny out of the public purse and plant as many landmines and bear traps as possible. But […]