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Quantum Scotpol 2.0

By Willie Miller’s Moustache (@williemillersM1 on Twitter/X)

Quietly and with little fanfare or recognition there has been a significant breakthrough in political physics. While in classical binary systems there are 2 states: ON/OFF or POSITIVE/NEGATIVE Quantum Computers compute using these two classical positions and the additional state of ON&OFF at the same time.

Never tell me ScotPol isn’t cutting edge because we are now in the age of Quantum Scottish Politics. A party can be against a thing, for a thing and both for and against it at the same time. Imagine the boundless possibilities this has. You could be for turning the 2 child benefits cap off, saying you are going to keep it on, while saying that you would turn it off if you could but can’t when you absolutely can. You could be one party in this one United Kingdom, claim to have multiple different parties in Scotland and Wales despite no such party existing or being registered. Even publish separate manifestos. One for the party that exists and more for the parties that do not. Then the microsecond they are elected, through their actions, remind everyone there’s only one party after all.

You could claim to be the party of devolution, promise more powers for devolved nations via the non-parties above then abandon that when the actual party that exists vetoes that shit out of hand.

You could be elected First Minister by a vote in the Senedd which is important and to be respected. Then lose a Vote of No Confidence in the Senedd and that is irrelevant and a stunt. Then stay on as First Minister simultaneously respecting and not respecting your parliament while both having and not having the authority to lead. Or the having and not having any fucking shame or decency at all.

I could go on. And fuck me why not? On a roll.

You could think a vote of No Confidence in Holyrood is very serious and very important and above party politics so perfectly fine to vote alongside the Tories on. While a Vote of No Confidence in The Senedd is just silly trouble making and racist actually and Plaid voting alongside the Tories, class treason. And hold both positions at the same time, heads held high upon necks of purest brass.

In Wales, the NHS is the fault of Tory funding. In Scotland, we are led to believe, the NHS is funded by Union Jack bedecked cherubs pissing infinite broad shouldered resources into the mouths of the ungrateful bastards in the Scottish Government. And so you constantly hear “The SNP know full well that the NHS is ++fully++ devolved” while in Wales that Tory austerity has crippled the NHS.

Speaking of austerity. It exists in England and is the Tories fault. It exists in Wales and is the Tories fault. And it exists in Scotland where, with fuck all economic levers to pull barring the variation in income tax thresholds, is the fault of the SNP. And..AND it doesn’t exist in Scotland because the SNP Scottish Government could fund every pet project and puppy with a sore paw Labour drag in front of the cameras, scrap the 2 child cap, (which they couldn’t do even if they had the money as it is++actually++ fully++ reserved) and it would appear, buy a fucking oil refinery and save all the jobs.

The Welsh and HS2. HS2 doesn’t exist for Barnet, say Labour, would/wouldn’t benefit Wales if it did exist, which it doesn’t but does as it has still cost billions and obviously doesn’t exist if you actually want to get on a fucking train.

I could yet, still go on, and for some time but I think you get the gist and I’d like to use my nearly 30 year old D in Higher Physics to describe the wondrous forces which permit such a breakthrough in “political science.”

There are huge and ancient power sources embedded underneath Scottish politics. When James Cook asked how leaving a 300 year old British union (am I the only one who hears Tausendjähriges Reich) to join a silly mere decades young European one would be possible or a good thing, this is what he was referring to. These arcane sources of energy are used to power Staunch emitters, blaring out wave upon wave of meaningless red white and blue cultural bunting which converge to form what “science” calls a “Cretinous field.” Depending on an individuals views or a stories bearing on a simple constitutional preference, this field will either act as a shield against or focus the relentless wrath of media attention on an individual or story.

Field strength varies with the seasons. Cranking up to the highest yearly average around the eleventh of November and any of the monarch’s two birthdays. While at times it also appears random. Eliciting completely incongruous cultural puff pieces about R Boyz in brave typhoons intercepting bad Ruskie Bears or Submarines “near Scotland” (and also “in international waters” or “fucking miles and miles away”) and a couple of months ago. At other times the staunchinosity seems self-aware. Reacting to stimuli. Like another poll putting Yes in the lead.

So Anas Sarwar could say GB Energy will be an energy generator. Keir Starmer could be explicit that it isn’t and the details, scant as they are, could confirm that it not only won’t generate energy, won’t own, or produce any and won’t own any infrastructure. And not only will both Labour hold both positions but the vast majority of the Scottish press will be mysteriously prevented by forces unknown from exploring this inconsistency. Or any of the tausends and tausends of others.

While I am here.

There’s a group who shall remain nameless who are currently trumpeting a tactical voting project, with the explicit aim of Getting The Tories Out (GTTO). Their glossy little animations and promowank is clearly informing the viewer that it’s about getting the tories out. You can put in your postcode and be advised how to tactically vote in your constituency. All jolly good so far. Until you start looking at Scotland, which is special. In seat after seat where an SNP or Labour win is likely or at least a Tory win seems impossible there’s a recommendation to vote Labour. Or if the SNP are out in you get “vote with your heart.” Shurley shchum mishtake? Shirley? But no.

They’ve also either not bothered their hole to respond or if they do it’s a C+P to this bullshit in their laughably titled “methodology.” And it hasn’t been just me asking questions or voicing my strong feelings.

“In seats that are being defended by an SNP incumbent, or where 2019 General Election notional winners are the SNP, and there is no possibility of the Conservatives winning the seat, we will make a tactical voting recommendation for Scottish Labour to ensure the Scotland’s views are represented on both the next (likely) UK Government’s benches, as well as the opposition benches.”

So it’s not about getting the Tories out. It’s not a tactical voting site. In Scotland it is a con. It’s a Labour campaign tool. We think it’s better you have Labour MPs representing your views. What are those views? Who gives the slightest toss? The calculation is that every seat won for Labour in Scotland makes it less work in England. That’s it. That’s the respect for your votes. Yer a cheap ride.

I won’t say much more, other than there are few things as damaging as this Quantum Politics when it’s giving leave to people you respect to behave dishonestly. When people who have been with you as a voice of sanity and resistance against the howling madness of British (Tory) politics for almost a decade, turn round and kick you right in the balls.

An organisation that is apparently pro-EU, pro-migration, anti-austerity and pro standards in public life. Are telling you to vote against a party that is all of those things. And to vote “tactically” in favour of a party that has ruled out everything but microscopic changes to the deal with the EU, is now spouting UKIPperies about the need to reduce legal migration, is being praised by the baddest of the bad bastards of big business for their total culling of the left from their party. Who politicised and turned the speaker of the commons into a cheap street hoor willing to turn any trick for them to avoid saying “war crimes are bad” out loud. That ignores devolved votes, abandons devolved promises of more powers and proclaims they’ll go right around devolution, just like the Tories have if it might mildly inconvenience Keir’s march to absolute power. Or his glorious reign while rolling in it.

In this new Quantum World it seems a fair number of decent folks, when it comes to Scotland anyway, are very drearily and very disappointingly, casually contemptuous of you…… fuds.

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