Rejecting Soma

    And so we find ourselves now, living through these dying days of drip-fed Soma And incremental soft dogma A shiny self-promotional world in which oppression Finds its manifestation Behind manifold masks and expert skin-grafts And the grim oppressor dons the cloak of freedom Whilst secretly shoring up the already- mighty fortified walls And […]


Death of a Vampire

  For far too long we have lived under the rule of the Parasite. For too long the Parasite has dictated to us who we are and what we are capable of. For too long the Parasite has ruled over a mental wasteland of his own creating. And in order to make us subservient to […]



And now, as we all anticipated The Eton/Oxford frat-boys Pass through the historic heraldic gates And line up to be ennobled by the figure-headed head of state -She’ll raise the blade As they bow their brylcreemed heads For services rendered Rendered, surrendered, put out to tender Tenderised and privatised A job well done, stealthily accomplished […]



Is it just me or does the shit seem to flow one way? Holy Thursday into Black Friday And who’ll clear out the gutters in your 2.3 million pound terraced house in Peckham Rye? You know, when push comes to shove. Maundy Monday and someone let a fart go on the cattle-train transporting us from […]


Silence Like A Roar

This is for all of those among us who knew the world was strangely out of synch And despite that fact still tried to find a way to love, to live, to think It’s for those who sought to see beyond and were dismissed and made unsure Yet still identified the sickness and gifted us […]


On Poetry

  I have been writing now in earnest for around 25 years. I started writing TV and film scripts, and then moved to playwriting before – a little over a year ago – I found myself inexplicably returning to poetry (where in truth it all began) – this time, however, I found I had a […]

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The Tory Party Conference – It’s Aw Gone Wrang!

This is an unscheduled, bonus podcast, because here at Ungagged we couldn’t just let the vile rhetoric pumping out of the Tory party conference go unanswered or unchallenged. Featuring Matt Geraghty, Debra Torrance, Victoria Pearson, Eric Joyce,  Steve McAuliffe, Amber Daniels and pulled together, as always by the inimitable Neil Scott. With music by Thee Faction with […]

Ungagged Team

Steve McAuliffe

Steve McAuliffe was born and raised in South East London, and is a published author, performed playwright and a lover of the poetry and ethos of William Blake. His writing has appeared in various political and poetical publications to date. Having left a secondary Modern with little more than 2 O-levels and a comprehensive education […]