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Poetry – The Scum Parade

Ah whose got the short straw today lads?

Which one of the scum parade have we got today?

The one who ran a pyramid scheme?

The one who made laws that would kick out her own dad?

Another day, another lie.

It’s like another 747 falling out the sky.

The scum parade get up and say science has changed.

They say ‘we’re passing the peak’.

Like everything in life they fake it till they make it.

Funerals without hugs? Shut up and take it.

Let’s move on they say.

Let’s all use common sense.

I thought my eyesight was going so drove down the road.

Common sense mate.

100,000 tests doesn’t mean actually tested. Common sense.

It’s the media that’s the problem. Common sense.

The scum parade can’t hide their contempt.

Families ripped apart. Jobs lost. Businesses ruined.

Science has changed. More like science is trashed.

And still the deaths go up.

‘The deaths’ but each one was a person.

We’ve almost stopped caring about that. Isolated, desensitized.

But look, they say, Nando’s will be open.

‘The cases’. AKA sick people, scared and struggling to breathe.

‘The deaths today’. AKA hundreds of people died alone.

But enough of that. Next slide please.

Next lie please. Next scandal please, next horror, next disgrace.

Right, that’s all for today, thanks very much they say.

Well, that’s it guys, the scum parade have finished for the day. Bye!

No, we won’t be answering your questions.


by Ungagged poet RH

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