THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS – Mhairi Black Slams Jacob Rees-Mogg


Mhairi Black Slams Jacob Rees-Mogg

In an exclusive interview with LeftUngagged Mhairi Black labels Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg as “dangerous” and described his views as “vile”.
The SNP MP accused Mogg of spreading British Nationalist rhetoric that had emboldened racists up and down the country.  Jacob Rees-Mogg is a prominent Brexiteer who holds many socially conservative views which some have described as verging in “fascistic”.
He opposes immigration, same sex marriage and abortion even in cases of rape, while being an enthusiastic supporter of tuition fees, the Monarchy and zero hour contracts.
 Mogg has also been criticised for associating with groups outside of the Conservative Party.  In 2013 he called for the Tories to make an alliance with UKIP and was an enthusiastic supporter of the more recent Tory deal with the DUP.  He was also criticised for meeting with far right groups such as the ultra nationalist Traditional British Group and German Neo-Nazi Party Action for Deutschland.

She said that Mogg known as “the Honourable Member from the 18th Century” conducts himself like a gentleman and is refreshingly honest, saying he will “tell you what he thinks and why he thinks it” compared to most politicians but that honesty meant he “can’t be shamed into putting his opinions back in the closet” where the Paisley MP feels they belong.

To hear the full interview with Mhairi Black where she talks about The Growth Commission, Brexit, Indyref2, Press Intrusion, and Donald Trump, download the next LeftUngagged podcast, coming soon…

4 thoughts on “THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS – Mhairi Black Slams Jacob Rees-Mogg

  1. Germany 1930 rise of the right. One nation, one people. One party party….England 2001 rise of the right. One people, one nation one party.. don’t let history repeat itself.

  2. He might be a toff,dress like a toff,he mixes with all elements, lobbyists, thugs.and anyone that will believe false news. The toffs using information in Cambridge Analytica should have appeared in court before abandoning ,Facebook are making the effort, but non from the boys from Eton.

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