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Janis & Graham – Ungagged! – Election 24 Review Special

The SNP Socialists Co-Convenors, Janis Wilson and Graham Campbell discuss the results and review the outcomes and inputs to the General Election the day after Polling Day. Music: Roy Möller Scottish left, pro-Indy, pro-LGBTIQA  Podcasts. Writing. Campaigns.  Please join us- help us create a new, fair media- Where to find Left Ungagged… Website Twitter […]

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Janis & Graham Ungagged! Episode 9: Nothing Much Has Happened Again.

The SNP Socialists Co-Convenors, Janis Wilson and Graham Campbell discuss the election campaign, from too many polls to transgender issues to Gaza. Music: Roy Möller Scottish left, pro-Indy, pro-LGBTIQA Podcasts. Writing. Campaigns. Please join us- help us create a new, fair media- The price of (or less!) a cup of coffee keeps us Ungagged! […]

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Quantum Scotpol 2.0

By Willie Miller’s Moustache (@williemillersM1 on Twitter/X) Quietly and with little fanfare or recognition there has been a significant breakthrough in political physics. While in classical binary systems there are 2 states: ON/OFF or POSITIVE/NEGATIVE Quantum Computers compute using these two classical positions and the additional state of ON&OFF at the same time. Never tell […]

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Gerry Hassan interview with Neil Anderson

Our own @BikerNeil interviews writer, political commentator & academic Gerry Hassan @GerryHassan The tussle between SNP & Labour for Westminster seats in Scotland and the consequences if SNP lose their current “3rd Party” status. The increased MSM coverage of the general election in Scotland compared to previous elections. How have The Reform Party in […]

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An Open Letter to The SNP Leadership…

The following is an open letter to First Minister Humza Yousaf (the prospective candidates for First Minister) and the SNP National Executive Committee, from Eilidh McIntosh, Former Political Education Officer & Former Youth Officer, SNP Sauchie Branch, Clackmannanshire. The last few years have been incredibly testing and trying for Scotland’s LGBT community – not least […]

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Jackie Baillie, 5 gallons of chicken gravy and a straw

Willie Miller’s Moustache (Twitter:  @williemillersm1) has a plan to bring the progressive indy movement together… Right you fucking idiots. Everyone who supports independence one straight line in front of me, GO! Turn to your right. Kick that moron up the arse. Turn to your left, boot that pillock too. Now repeat, but with hugs not […]

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When will the penny drop that No-one is entitled to our votes, that we need politicians with an ear to the ground, not the right wing. When I think of the years 2013/14 I think of one of those Penny Pusher machines from amusement arcades, representative of voters and members tumbling like freed coins from […]

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Hoyle’s Hubris and the Hackery of the Britpol Old Firm…

Did you hear about the 3 wells? Well, well, well. I do apologise, that is objectively the worst joke in my otherwise exceptional collection, if not indeed the English speaking world. Thank you Granny Moustache, it was one of her two favourites. But it is apposite for objectively the worst and most pish boiling week […]

The SNP team at the Rutherglen and Hamilton West count
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Independence and the Cost of Westminster Crisis

This Sunday SNP delegates will gather in Aberdeen to decide our strategy for the next Westminster election. We meet after a disastrous result at the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election, and I expect there will be some lively conversations! Social media has been awash with speculation about why the SNP lost so badly, but I […]